Friday, November 11, 2011

An open journal

Dear friends and family,

So yes, I have decided to start a blog. My husband is so excited..

Really, what this is, is an open journal. I have found that in the business of my life I have not been able to share the stories and developments in my life with those I love, as much as I would like to. So to solve the problem, I have decided to also fill the writing void in my life by starting a 'blog'. Most specifically, I am going to stick to writing about my development and a Christian woman and a Christian wife. This the name, Divine Developments.

Ever since a good fried of mine (and family member!) put the bee in my bonnet, I have not been able to shake the idea of sharing with you the developments of my faith publicly. I find I am so often filled with wonder, enjoyment, ideas and questions, that I need to begin writing about it. I also desire to share and engage with the community around me regarding my faith, so what better way to do it in the 'age-of-technology' than by starting a blog.

I will be writing most candidly about the way that faith deepens my marriage, as well as my personal self-discovery of God and His nature. I hope at the very least you find it entertaining.

Please remember that I am no theologian, my spiritual development up until now has been mostly based on a childhood root in Christianity, most notably summarized by "Jesus Loves You" and "God is your Father". I personally discovered much of what I understand about God through a personal relationship in prayer. Later, in college, an exploration in 'new-age', Buddhist and Taoist philosophy interested me, but I always stayed to to loving Christ, it was those I saw as 'so-called-Christians' I struggled with. I will share more about this in a later blog. For the record though, I do call myself a Christian too. Most recently, I have begun to read my bible for the first time and, am surprised to find, that I am enjoying it very much. This space is for my own record, as well as to share with you my personal journey.

Hopefully you will feel compelled to read, share, and help me along.


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