Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From the archives

I wrote the following, years ago in college, to a friend who I thought of often. However, once I finished writing it I realized it might be better for me to hold on to.

Well, I found it while rummaging through some things and I felt compelled to record it here, to share, and also to preserve it.

Pursue your dreams. 
Follow your ambitions. 

Within you, you have a fire that burns to know the world, to love without limits, and to give with no boundaries. But you have seen beyond your own front steps- and while your family and friends have always been behind you, you have realized that the world is not always as supportive or inviting as you once thought, and it has shifted something within you. 
    Wherever you go int he world though, you are bound to find some hostility, or some form of evil - even in your own back yard. Don't be discouraged. Your spirit is strong, and I know that you have more than just potential. As long as you keep these things in mind, and are cautions - protecting your spirit when needed so that you don't fall into the pit of hostility that walks this earth, even when faced with overwhelming amounts - you will rise.
    I know this world has shown you a lot of pain, but you know you have always been blessed. Sometimes it's easier to acknowledge the painful or hurtful things, but if you open your eyes and learn to acknowledge and sit with pain- you can look past it and see the beauty that lies right in front of your eyes. 

Before you're gone. 

Before you're looking back.

And in this I hope you learn to see true beauty and find true happiness. 

As you go forward into your life, you will inevitably find challenges and sorrow, but if you sit with them in peace, and push yourself forward, I hope you will be able to see how pain and happiness live in equilibrium.

Yes, you have had challenges; but it could be worse.
Yes, you have been blessed; but it could be better.

Don't be set back by these statements, these truths of life. 
Instead, take comfort because whatever you do wrong, can always be improved. And the reminder that it could be worse, should remind you how fleeting life can be.

Everything you have is a blessing to be appreciated - so open your eyes and appreciate.

Not tomorrow, now what you will have and what you have had, but what you have - where you are now. Right now.

The breeze on your face.
The colors of the sunset.
The simplicity of "hello", a good song on the radio.
Start noticing the small good things, and hopefully one day you will realize that what you acknowledge in your life is what you will live out. 

So as you go forward, live out your life to its fullest.
Know your past is just as much a part of your life as your future, but nothing is as important as the moment you're in.

Know that just because you're moving forward does not bring you further away from the moments you've been in, don't hang on to them - afraid to lose them. Instead, let your past precious moments lead you fully into where you are now. 

And always, you will have your roots beneath you, the world around you, and endless possibilities ahead of you.

So go forth into your life - not your future but every moment, and when you find yourself in a happy state take a deep breath to embrace it.
Step into it with everything you have.
And in hard times, remember your breath while stepping forward to search for the next time it surrounds you, because I tell you with confidence:

Whatever you look for, you will find.

What you see is up to your eyes to decide, and how you live is up for you to pursue. 

Knowing what you want in life isn't the hard part - letting yourself have it is. 

Let yourself have it, you deserve the best this world can give and you're the only one who can take it.

Don't hold back.

happy birthday - happy every day.

Love always,