Monday, November 28, 2011

Forgetfulness and Doubting - Lessons from Exodus

Shallow Faith
Forgetfulness and Doubting

And so God clears the path. He steps in and separates the waters of the sea so that the Israelites can pass safely, and closes in on the Egyptians who are close behind them. 

For me, if I was alive at this time and with the Israelites, had I not yet been a believer, I would love to think that after seeing this I would never ever doubt God again. Think about it. Would a huge miracle like this make you believe in God and His awesome power, had you been there to see it? Would you have ever been shaken again, had you walked along the bottom of a dry, ocean floor, with the waters held up like walls around you, only to close right after you finish walking across? 

I think I would. But, then again, the Israelites didn't. 

Soon after, the Israelites seemingly forget what God has done. They get hungry- and thirsty- and grumble and doubt God. They blame Moses instead of asking God to provide for them. When Moses prays to God, God tells him that all that the Israelites have to do is ask. God communicates here that he wants the Israelites to pray to HIM, not simply grumble among themselves and be angry at Moses, but to bring their troubles to the Lord their God, so that He may bless them and provide for them.

REMEMBER THIS. God does not want you to worry! He wants to provide for you, but you must bring your needs to Him and have Faith! You see, after Moses comes to the Lord and presents the wishes of the Israelites, He blesses them with food, and later with water. 

 The Israelites become satisfied, and stop grumbling. 
And so do I. 

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