Friday, May 18, 2012

Conversations with Mormons

There have been two mormons that continually come to my door. I have begun to learn about the mormon faith because of them, and the more I learn the more I pray for them.

I had, before today, wrestled with the call of God to be Christ to those who come to us seeking. To me, I wondered if that meant opening my heart and home to these Mormons, despite their attempts to convert me and test my faith. Aren't we to open our hearts and homes and give anything asked of us to give? Surely, if these Mormons were Atheists, I would talk with them about my faith, and welcome them with open arms. Wouldn't I? Through prayer, God led me to reach out to a good friend of mine, who directed me to 1 John 4. As I read, I continued to 2 John and it was in this passage the Spirit spoke to me.

"Everyone who does not abide in the teaching of Christ, but goes beyond it, does not have God; whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. Do no receive into the house or welcome anyone who comes to you and does not bring this teaching; for to welcome is to participate in the evil deeds of such a person" (2 John 9-11)

I realized, through this verse, that God calls me to meet other peoples needs. If someone comes to my home seeking food, shelter, water - I am called to give it to them, and regardless of if they were Mormon, I pray that I would. If someone comes to me seeking to find God, well they should not come to me to find God but, I believe I would be called to share what I do understand, and I pray that I would. However, if someone comes to my home to deliberately try to lead me away from God, and is not eager to learn what I have to share, then I am not obligated to welcome them into my home and listen to their false teaching. They seek from me what I cannot give- my faith in God. Indeed, to welcome them in to critique my faith would greatly increase the chance of me perpetuating their own Theology (by noticing the 'shortcomings' of my faith), and lead them on to continue to try to pursue me and my soul. I am, still, however, called to treat them with kindness and dignity. Lord help me do so.

I had arranged to meet with them today around 1:30, but upon reading 2 John, I resolved to write them a letter. Below is that letter.

Dear Elders,
     I have prayed much about you and our time together today. I am sorry that I am not here at our planned meeting time, but I have chosen to go spend some time with a dear friend of mine. I believe you will be disappointed, and I also trust you might se my choice as an act of fear. The truth is, I do fear. I fear for you and for your souls, but I do not believe you want to hear this, so I will give you space and allow you to go the way you choose, but if you choose to listen to me here, there are some things I do want to tell you.
    We are all saved by grace, not by works. Grace is something we receive, that we do not deserve. Sometimes, often times, this feeling of un-deserving leads us to believe that we must 'earn' Gods love, honor, favor. But, you cannot. God is not a man. He did choose to make himself smaller than He truly is, and came to reveal himself in a man, Jesus Christ. God birthed himself, through the VIRGIN Mary, His own spirit in flesh - this his Son, Jesus the Christ. He did this to show us, through living example, what perfect relationship with him looks like between people and Himself. He showed us and taught us that it is through loving God and a personal, intimate relationship between ourselves and God, that God works within us and makes us whole. It is God alone who can do this, all you can do, are asked to do, is to be willing. This takes great faith, and great love, and you (just like I) cannot, CAN NOT gain salvation or lead yourself to salvation. But, if you are willing to trust God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit within you, God will save you; if you choose.
    I fear you have lost this message. It is by deeds, acts and behaviors, you have been told, that you will one day become like God. Brothers, truly I tell you that God and all His glory dwell inside you already. There is nothing you need to do or can do to change that. Why would you want to be like God, or be 'another God" (there is only 1 true God) when you already participate in being God already? Do not be tempted by teachings which promise you power, for all power is Gods and His alone. It is satan who tempted Jesus with the power of all of the heavens and earth, why do you not believe it is satan also who tempts you with the same promise? But you can turn away from his temptations, with Christ behind you. If you choose to ask him, He will give you the same strength he had when He told Satan "away with you satan! for it is written 'worship the Lord your God and serve only Him" (Matthew 4:10). 

    It is your choice whether to truly listen here, and I will love you regardless, as will the Lord. No matter how much you try, you can never lose, or gain, His Love. I pray that in your walk, you truly find Christ. I pray that one day you seek His glory, not your own, but it is your choice. If there is ever a day, when the day comes, you are burdened by the load of seeking to be 'god' or "a god", Christ will be there to carry the load for you. For it is his burden alone to carry (the burden of being God) and His deepest desire that you surrender and let Him, trust Him, and have faith in Him, that He is God, and you do not have to keep trying.    

With love,

I realize as I type this that there are errors, and I deeply regret that I did not stress the importance of Christ dying on the cross for our sins. But these are a hard people to reach, because in our first conversation in person they claimed to know this and to believe this. They teach that after Christ was resurrected he came to the Americas to teach the natives (which had no cultural context in which to place Jesus, nor a history with which to place him in...). So they believe this already. My stress, as I wrote this, was to try to emphasize that the desire to be God, to rule over kingdoms and planets, is not a call of God but an allure of the human Ego. 

I may never know what comes of this. I pray that God uses it (and any of my foolish mistakes) for His ultimate Good. That they find freedom and peace in Him, and turn from trying to earn it for themselves. They already have much of what they seek, they have just believed otherwise. 


  1. This is very good, sister! :) I know that Mormons can be a tough faith to reach, but I hope & pray that your letter to them at least becomes the start of a big change in their lives!

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement, Philosobarista :)