Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food and family - an example of daily christian failure

Well, I have officially realized, once again, the depth of my ignorance.

Something I have felt pretty passionate about (and still do), is eating good food, that comes from good stores and hopefully, grown locally. I like fresh, and not processed, and try to support small business when I can. When Tyler and I lived in the city, we tried to make as much of our own food as possible, buy from local growers, and support our local economy. Why? Well, read any of Michael Pollans books, or just do the research yourself. More than just being healthy, we felt like this was one way we could exercise our christian values. We have friends who we wish so much to be like- they try to minimize waste by buying as much as they can in bulk, eat good delicious organic food, hardly buy meat... the life man.

 But, now that we live in Chisago with Tylers parents, we no longer buy our groceries (which is awesome). But Tyler's parents, who don't exactly like the work of making everything from scratch, don't have the same buying habits as us. We have been complaining non-stop for a few months now. What's there to complain about? We don't buy our own food...thats a pretty neat gig. Yes, thats what the obvious response to this situation is. But Tyler and I have surely found ways to complain.. "the food isn't 'healthy', it's frozen, it's packaged in more plastic than there is food, it's processed, it's not organic, it's bought at (insert store name here) and they don't have moral practices, it's not locally grown.."blah blah blah.

While these may be good things to be mindful about... they are missing a big point.

Tyler and I eat like kings. Kings!! We have more food than we know what to do with, at our fingertips, anytime we open our pantry or fridge. In the famous words of Britta from Community, "There are kids starving in Uganda for goodness sakes". Who am I to complain that the food I don't buy for myself, isn't good enough? Can I afford to buy better food? Not right now. When I can, will I? Yes. Until then, should I complain about the abundance of food I do have?

Sadly, it has taken me 9 months to realize this. I wonder what else I am being an idiot about. Sometimes I get my values mixed up. Being grateful for what I am given, and loving my family, should come before the 'quality' of my food (which I don't buy...) Duh.

Yep, still working on getting there Jesus.

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